*Control Panels
Salient Features
  • Designed for 100% Continuous Duty Cycle
  • Compact Design for Space Saving
  • Lesser Power Consumption
  • Negligible Maintenance
  • Tested at Each Every Stage of Manufacturing
  • Liberal Design Rigorous Testing of the Equipment Enables Trouble Free Service for Long Life.
  • Helpful in saving power
  • Can protect the electrical equipment from breakdown
  • Long lasting performance
  1. Higher current produces higher losses in electrical motors which cause premature failure of winding.
  1. These higher losses of electric motors also increase the losses of cables, switches, transformers and other associated equipment.
  1. For smooth continuous operation of motors, over load relays are usually set at 20% higher setting.
The table below compares the behaviour of 5 H.P. motor at different voltages:
4007.5 A5.20.8
42511% More18% More0.7
43519% More28% More0.60
445265 more38% More0.57
The table below compares the behaviour of 60 watt lamp at different voltages:
2300.2660 W7101000
2400.2765 W-8.3% More820575
2500.2870.6-17.6% More943338
2600.2975.4-25.6% More1073200
2700.3183.4-39% More1213100
  • Industrial plants
  • Mines
  • Mills
  • Power generation plants
  • Substations
  • Accurately break the circuit and end the flow of energy
  • Help in protecting your device from permanent damage as these cut the input power supply whenever short circuit condition arises
  • These are used for protection and control of electrical equipment

control panel is a flat, often vertical, area where control or monitoring instruments are displayed or it is an enclosed unit that is the part of a system that users can access, as the control panel of a security system (also called control unit).
They are found in factories to monitor and control machines or production lines and in places such as nuclear power plantsshipsaircraft and mainframe computers. Older control panels are most often equipped with push buttons and analog instruments, whereas nowadays in many cases touchscreens are used for monitoring and control purposes.

*Electroplating Rectifiers
Electroplating Rectifiers is an equipment that converts AC into DC supply. Power make Silicon Rectifiers are widely used in Electroplating, Anodizing, Hydrogenation and all other electrochemical processes. These power rectifiers, anodizing rectifiers and electroplating power rectifiers are tailor made, covering a wide range from 200 Amps to 15000 Amps at different output DC voltage as per requirement.

*HT/LT Transformers
We have emerged as one of foremost manufacturers, exporters, retailers and suppliers of superior quality range of HT/ LT Transformers. These are manufactured using high grade raw material and sophisticated technology in compliance with the set global norms. The offered transformer is stringently tested on various parameters so that no defective product ius delivered to clients. Apart from this, these can be availed in various specifications in order to cater the varied needs of clients. Moreover, our valuable clients can avail these transformers from us at industry leading prices.

*Automatic Voltage Controller 
power Engineers is known for reliability and continuous improvement in the field of rolling contact type automatic voltage controller, servo voltage controller, automatic voltage stabilizer, chemical process rectifiers, electroplating power rectifiers and special purpose transformers. The systems are designed and supervised by a team of qualified engineers having more than 35 years of experience to achieve best possible quality and total customer's satisfaction.
Inspire of best efforts, no state electricity board can ensure constant voltage to the customer because of long and inadequate distribution lines and irregular load pattern on distribution transformers. Generally Voltage is low during day time and high during night hours. Moreover on holidays, peak hours, rainy days and when agricultural and industrial load is switched off, the voltage rises sharply which is more dangerous.
» This higher current affects the electrical motors (particularly smaller capacity motors upto 7.5 H.P.) in three ways
With the installation of the stabilizer and maintaining 390/400 volts, the motor will operate smoothly drawing 15 - 20% lesser current and correspondingly the relay setting can be reduced by 15 - 20%. In case single phasing occurs, the relay will trip in 40 - 50 seconds. The motors can withstand the high current for this period and will be safe. Also, the relays, contactors, switchgears, etc. incorporated with the motor will be safe.

The firm is one of the prominent Manufacturers and Suppliers of used and remanufactured VCB & OCB Circuit Breakers. We are offering a wide range of VCB & OCB Circuit Breakers to the customers that help in breaking up of circuit to avoid it from electric short-circuits. The customers can get the VCB & OCB Circuit Breakers at competitive prices from us. The VCB & OCB Circuit Breakers are available in different power ratings as per the client’s requirements. 

*Ultra Isolation Transformers
We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of isolation transformers like ultra isolation transformers, power isolation transformers, super isolation transformers, which protect the Isolating sensitive equipment from Line Voltage transients, spikes & D.C Leakage etc. These ultra isolation transformers are specially designed for sensitive critical equipment like industrial, computers & peripherals, medical instrumentation, digital communication telemetry systems, CNC Machines etc. and stopping such disturbances generated by the noisy equipment load from being injected into the power line.
Multiple shielding techniques employed reduce the inter winding capacitance to below 0.005 Pico farad and increase D.C Isolation to over 1000 Megohms. We are leading exporters of medical isolation transformers, electrical isolation transformers, high voltage isolation transformers, three phase isolation transformer and power isolation transformer.
Technically, any isolation transformers that have no direct current path between their primary & secondary windings provide Isolation. Other commonly used power isolation transformers, even if they have separate primary & secondary winding are intended to convert the input voltage to a more useful level & do very little to attenuate the passage of noise or transients from primary to secondary. Even through both are separately wound transformers, they are substantially different w.r.t construction, specification & performance characteristics.
Also manufactures ac isolation transformers, three phase isolation transformer, industrial ultra isolation transformers and super isolation transformers at industrial rate.
In shielded transformer, four low impedance path exists for nosies to pass to secondary & vise versa. :
  • The High Value of Coupling Capacitance.
  • The Maximum Linkage of Magnetic Field.
  • The Leakage Current.
  • Static Transformer of Electric Nosies.